Centuries into the future , when humanoids are used for many purposes , included war . Kurogane - a warrior humanoid from Phantom Lord’s army - lost a fight and was abandoned , buried in layers of snow , ready to rust . However , Levy Mcgarden , a humanoid professor and mechanic - who works for Fairy Tail Inc, - found him . She fixed , remove the ‘battle function’ from the broken humanoid , and named him “Gajeel” . A new “life” for Gajeel started , but also new dangers from the former army force are coming for him and his savior . 


Felt like drawing SNK yesterday and here ya go :P

We're back!

The Shiganshina trio

Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 15 | Anime vs. Manga


This was a little rushed, but a great challenge none the less! I hath completed this mission bestowed upon me. <( ̄︶ ̄)> Bedhead Natsu!! 

Hope it didn’t disappoint you, anon-san!

Let’s meet up again.

If Natsu is E.N.D then i want to see Lucy pleading with him to go back to his former self and his love for her would triumph

"Celestial Spirits of the 12 Gold Keys… Lend us the power to seal away the evil! Open… 12 Gates!"


Happy birthday to the best girl, Mirai Kuriyama!!!! 




-Uuh..uuh..I can..still..
-Rest.We'll be fine.